Équipe de chiffrage concentré sur la satisfaction du client

Équipe : 4 ingénieurs

  • Basé au département R&D pour proposer les meilleures solutions techniques appropriées ;
  • Travaillant conjointement avec l'ensemble des services pour proposer les meilleures solutions ;
  • Forte relation entre le Département des ventes et les Clients ;
  • L’Objectif: Atteindre les attentes du client.


Engineering Department / R&D

A dedicated team able to deal with complex requirements such as Nuclear Standards

Staff : 13 engineers

  • Experienced staff in valve industry ( 4 senior engineers with +25 years of experience each) along with junior engineers to evolve to a high level of knowledge over the years
  • Engineers are involved in national valves workshops (CETIM, Profluid, …)
  • Strong collaboration between design office and workshop industrialization to provide expertise and get sure precise feedback
  • R&D activities are recognized through tax refund (CIR – 60k€ in 2015)
  • Many of our products are Fire Safe Design. The ‘’sealing’’ is carried out by contact metal to metal to ensure a long-life application in severe conditions.


  • 2D and 3D software : SolidWorks, Autocad
  • Fluid dynamics calculation : FloWorks
  • Mechanical Finit Element
  • Calculation notes according to all international standards
    • NF EN 12516, ASME VIII, RCC-M
  • API standard, ASME standard (B16.34)



Image2-page 4

Clapet basculant (Tilting Disc)_det



Strength resistance simulation
to define suitable material