New algerian valve manufacturer and specialist for the OIL & GAS industry ‘’MALBRANQUE ALGERIA’’


Valco Group Australia opens joint Valves Servicing facilities with FORGACS Marine and Defence

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VALCO Group in exclusive talks with AXON Energy Products to regain control of MALBRANQUE Up-Stream product range (Wellhead and X-Mas Trees ).



The French group Valco France is entered into exclusives talks with Axon Energy Products in order to regain the control of the Malbranque upstream products range (Wellhead and Xmastree).

More details on the following press release : Press Release

The finalization of the transaction is expected to be completed before the end of 2016.


IRAN OIL SHOW in Teheran May 5th to 8th, the VALCO Guichon – Malbranque team joined exclusive local agent  IRFACO !


We were sharing our booth with our exclusive local agent, Ideh Rouyan Fan Avar Company (IRFACO), Registration No.: 355 999,  Tel: (+98-21) 2236-05-06, Fax: (+98-21) 2235-40-74, Email:

Managing Director of Irfaco : Mr Hamidreza Zahedi, Cell: +98 912 139 8008